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Imagine an island getaway with LIIT festival

Winter is a time we get our woolens out and generally try and keep ourselves warm and cozy. My favourite way to keep warm is by indulging in brandy, cognacs or dark rums. So I was naturally intrigued by the idea of a Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT) Festival, recently organised by Hard Rock Cafe. Traditionally a summer cocktail, I was pleasantly surprised by the twist of taste that the mixologists had given to this summer thirst quencher. Having settled

Zoning in on Zerzura

Zerzura, the ancient land that lay hidden deep in the sands of the Sahara, was a city of pristine pools, palms, springs and yes – unimaginable treasures. So alluring was the charm that it was elusive, almost like a mirage. But the Zerzura we would like you to check out is more like a veritable oasis bursting with gastronomic delights that will soothe and seduce at the same time. In the heart of the national capital of Delhi, the mythical paradise

Mo Naga’s five tips on getting a tattoo

Moranngam Khaling (Popularly known as Mo Naga), Founder, Headhunters’ Ink shares five things to keep in mind while getting a tattoo: 1. Research and selecting a design: Do your research and choose your designs carefully and take enough time to decide. Remember unlike your clothes and other accessories, tattoos are permanent. Unless you go for the extremely expensive laser technique for tattoo removal, you might even have to carry your tattoo to your grave. Tattoo art is a form of personal

Time stands still at Lakshman Sagar

Little dark clouds floated in the sky, little drops of rain were falling on the car on my way to Lakshman Sagar. Lush green landscape was all around as the car moved swiftly towards Pali from Ajmer. This didn’t look like the Rajasthan I had seen earlier, no desert, no dry air, the green glimmered as the rain water fell on it. This was just the beginning of an awesome day. Reaching Pali was more fun than what I had thought.