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Food Review: Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

If you are a Delhiite and used to visiting Lutyen’s Delhi, then you definitely know that Lodi: The Garden Restaurant is the place to enjoy the winter sun and summer evenings. It’s the proverbial paradise where you expect to see nymphs and swans, pixies and fairies, birds and birds. But even though those are missing, I simply love the ambience. Nature undisturbed, the restaurant offers great food and impeccable service. In fact, I would say it’s a lovers’ getaway. Flowers, trees,

Blue Water Grille: A seafoodie’s delight

Did I expect a restaurant to offer seafood in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden, right near the metro station? No. So Blue Water Grille was a surprise package and a good one. I had been told seafood was the speciality. So when the manager asked us to make our choice, we decided to try the seafood dishes. Spread over 600 sq ft on the first floor, the interiors are subtle. You can quietly sit in one corner, sipping your drink, and you will

Meet the real India at Ishana Experience Center

Tiredness, fatigue, jet-lag, restless sitting hours, exertion, etc. are some of the words are often being connected to the word ‘travel’. We are sure that all of you could relate to atleast one of the above written words. But wait, before you think any further let us take you to a place which is dedicated to transform your whole travel experience. We recently reviewed the Ishana Experience Center located at the International Departure Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International