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SoulSpeak helps individuals realise their inherent powers

Soul Speak ( is one of the largest online social-spiritual networks offering one to one interaction between spiritual masters and seekers. The platform encourages spiritual conversations among users, across multiple forums. It is one of the most extensive websites on truly healthy and enlightened spirituality, awakening to absolute awareness, the lives and teachings of sages and saints, and many articles on our mystical traditions, world religions, power of consciousness, emotional healing, styles of meditation, sacred relationships and more. The community is

Spirituality came to the rescue of ‘Religion’

Modern time has witnessed life moving away from religion. All societies are swayed by religion so much that at least the oldest Hindu belief of “every human soul has an element of God” is eclipsed. In this belief has an enshrined notion that a human being is guided by God element within herself. However, religious power separated this notion from human life and embedded the idea that every human being unless guided by the religion is bound to go astray.