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Visit Kerala this year with Kerala Tourism

2016 is going to be an exciting year for people travelling to the Indian state of Kerala. The state tourism department is making all efforts to make it big and unique for its guests with the Visit Kerala year. It started in April 2015 and will continue to surprise people till April this year. At the recently held event at The Lalit in New Delhi the deputy director, Dr. Nandkumar shared some plans and agendas to promote tourism in the state

Welcome to royal cuisine at Days of the Raj

Situated a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city (mind you …its in the busy streets of Delhi itself…just strategically located) is DOR (Days of the Raj). Decorated under the influence from the days of the British Raj, the impeccable décor of the restaurant takes you back to the past. The courteous and the friendly service rendered by the men at the restaurant compel you to pay a visit more than often. Lavish spread of appetizers like ‘Rajasthani

Sugary sweet gifting

Festivals may come and go, but there is one season that lasts all year long. The season of gifting. Birthday gifts, Valentine's gifts, Christmas gifts, Diwali gifts and JUST LIKE THAT GIFTS too!! Whew! The only thing that could sometimes be a bummer is the brainstorming over what could be the gift. Add to that the crazy work scheds that just don't let you get out to shop! If only there was a genie that could fetch a box that would