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Trolleys, re-defining the dining experience

Trolleys, Khan Market
Trolleys, Khan Market

Located in Khan Market, one of the plushest places of Delhi, Trolleys had made a distinct place for itself in a very short period of time. Famous as the posh open-air food court, Khan Market did not have any place that offers authentic Indian as well as European food at the same time. Hotelier Sandy used this opportunity and started Trolleys. Apart from an impressive a-la-carte menu comprising of different cuisines, the restaurant justifies its name by offering daily specials on trolleys that will find their way to your table. We recently reviewed this newly-opened restaurant.

The first floor of the restaurant welcomes you with warm pastel colours and quirky furniture. The inviting couches, mirrors on the ceiling and tamed ruggedness of the bricked walls add to the dramatic ambience. The second floor is more about partying with friends, with loud music and equally loud furniture.

We settled for a table on the first floor overlooking the large window panes. The review started on a very interesting note when the server came up with a jar of flavoured water. He told us that slices of tangerine and mint leaves are soaked in water overnight and then served to the guests. That punch of the flavoured water makes you feel refreshed and ready for the meal awaiting your order.

The ‘Trolleys’ believes in celebrating food and in that finds inspiration to be generous in its offerings. The wooden bound menu lists the finest from Indian, European and Lebanese cuisines.

For the starters, we tried The ‘classic’ Mezze Platter and when they say ‘classic’, they mean it. The falafel was made with precision and tasted good with home-made Pita and Hummus, Baba Ganoush and Cacik. Tabouleh, Fattoush and Kabees completed the platter with all the flavours of the Arab.

We ordered for the main course and while we were waiting for the food, there came the USP of Trolleys. The famous chaat-papdi of old Delhi was served and it was a perfect filler between our meals. Inspired by old Delhi’s tradition of selling food on carts that travel the lanes through the day as well as an attempt to entertain the hungry pangs of diners while they wait for their food to be served, the trolleys bring you knick knacks to savour.

Going towards the European side, we ordered pasta for the main course along with two Virgin Mary(s). The pesto and ricotta tortellini seasoned with sun-dried tomato and olive coulis had a lovely aroma and equally good to taste.

Another thing which grabbed our attention was to glasses used for waters and drinks. Sandy spilled the beans and told us that the glasses are made out of recycled wine bottles. Sandy himself cuts the bottles and gets the finishing work done. It is one novel and interesting concept, Trolleys has come up with. Sandy also told us that soon he will start selling these glasses at a very nominal price.

Coming back to our roots, we ordered the Subz Dum Biryani. Long grain rice, cooked on dum with vegetables and saffron were served with a garlic flavoured Burhani Raita. There was a little disappointment as the over-fried onions gave a sweet taste to the dish.

But as it is said, it’s always better in the end – the Shahi Tukda made up for all the blank spaces. The prettily plated dessert was creamy as well as crunchy. When we asked about achieving the authenticity of the cuisines, the Chef answered, First of all, we have the right people for the right job. Quality is given priority. Also, we have set up checkpoints at every stage for consistency & collect feedbacks from all guests.

Our verdict: Perfect to enjoy a quiet Sunday brunch with your family and a fun evening with your friends.

Price for two: Rs. 1400 for two + taxes
Address: 7, First Floor, Middle Lane, Khan Market, New Delhi

From the owner, Sandy

How the idea of starting Trolleys came to your mind and what is the concept behind serving small bites between meals using trolleys?
The concept of Trolleys is to fill up the waiting time for the food and to also bring hygienic quality Indian street food in our restaurant with a twist e.g. dimsums, chaats, martini, golgappas etc. Also, we plan to start various other trolleys and develop the concept of trolleys as we go along, like tea trolley at teatime, barbeque trolley in the winter, street food trolleys etc.



Text by Supriya Aggarwal
Cover image by Trolleys restaurant

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