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Visit Kerala this year with Kerala Tourism

Visit Kerala2016 is going to be an exciting year for people travelling to the Indian state of Kerala. The state tourism department is making all efforts to make it big and unique for its guests with the Visit Kerala year. It started in April 2015 and will continue to surprise people till April this year. At the recently held event at The Lalit in New Delhi the deputy director, Dr. Nandkumar shared some plans and agendas to promote tourism in the state and attract more tourists.

The event started with a welcome by Dr. Nandkumar followed by some mesmerising and fierce performances native to Kerala. We got in a conversation with Dr. Nandkumar to know what one can expect in the Visit Kerala year.

Visit Kerala
Depiction of Mahabharata with the dance form, Kathakali

Excerpt from the interview with Dr. Nandkumar, deputy director, Kerala Tourism:

THN: What new things one can expect in Kerala this year?
Dr. Nandkumar: There will be many new things for travellers in the Visit Kerala year. We are working on improving the overall quality and adding some new travel destinations in north Kerala. We are also in introducing the concept of Spice Route travel as till now only private tour operators have been working on this concept. But now one can book a Spice Trail journey with Kerala Tourism as well. It will also help us in promoting the lesser-known places connected to the Spice Route.

THN: How do you think the recent industrial development in Kerala will affect tourism in the state?
Dr. Nandkumar: All the developments are going to have a very positive effect on the state tourism. These developments are making Kerala more international, hence attracting more travellers. We, at Kerala Tourism, also keep our tariffs stable for make the tourists visit us several times.

THN: How does the state government assure the security of its tourists?
Dr. Nandkumar: Security of guests is our utmost priority. We have several helplines and a large network of police to resolve any issue at priority. The local people of Kerala are also extremely helpful towards tourists.

THN: What is that one thing which will Visit Kerala year successful?
Dr. Nandkumar: This year we are trying to promote the traditional aspects of Kerala in a more aggressive manner and it will surely help as Kerala is known for its art and tradition. Even the tourist properties in Kerala are constructed in sync with Kerala’s tradition and décor.


Text and images by Supriya Aggarwal


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