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What’s gonna rule global trends: Fashion Forecast by WGSN

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Echoing words of famous fashion visionary Yohji Yamamoto “With one eye on the past, I walk backwards into the future”. As fashion continues to evolve catering towards the demands of everyday life, designers look back into archives of ideas and bring forgotten concepts forward.

Technology is seen to influence and add speed to our lives increasingly. Today we live in a world where our boundaries between home, work and play continue to blur. Over the last few years, a large slice of the global apparel market share has been dominated by the Athleisure trend where active wear rapidly becomes the go-to choice for consumers whether they work out or not.

Changes in lifestyle further help to take this trend forward where functional aspects are mixed with fashion elements moving rapidly towards “Fash-leisure”. Formal and casual wear are styled together nodding to a transitional outlook. Perennial sports separates from the past, baseball jackets, sweatshirts and track pants continue to evolve with upscale, polished and sophisticated iterations adding an update. “Now-stalgia” mood digs archival sneakers from the 90’s.

As fashion and function continue to blend harmoniously, iconic sportswear brands continue to collaborate with designers world over. Alexander Wang recently announced his collaboration with Adidas at recent fashion week. It brands Gosha Rubchinsky, and Vetements collaborates with Kappa and Reebok respectively adding further strength to the trend, while Kanye West’s Yeezy lines continue to ride the popularity wave. Online portals like Net-a-Porter now runs Net-a-Sporter catering to this demand.

As athleisure evolves as a trend, this is a one that is here to stay. Contemporary and urban in outlook, a uniform for everyday wear bringing the high-low style to the next level. Comfort plays a huge role blending convenience with style seamlessly integrating performance fabrics into the mix.

Driven by an overall healthier lifestyle movement, this is an outcome of the current choices made by the wellbeing generation, where health and fitness become central to everyday activities. Functionality is casually concealed resulting in adaptive clothing that negates a need to carry an extra change of clothes for various activities of the day. A perfect union of active wear and lifestyle wear creating a cool, relaxed yet stylish look.


Text by Anupreet Bhui
Senior Editor- Global Street Style, WGSN

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